Friday, July 22, 2011

Hot deal on a Fiji getaway

Fiji from above.

Inspired by TV's Bachelorette, you can get a nine-day (two traveling) escape to one of Fiji's first-class resorts starting at $3,599.

Thirty-six hundred a person doesn't sound like a bargain, but read a little farther.

The destination is the five-star Namale Island Resort, not an el cheapo tourist spot, where you will spend seven nights in a romantic tropical bure, your own little grass shack, with all the comforts of a 21st century resort.

It's all-inclusive including breakfast, lunch, dinner and beverages (beer, wine, champagnes and liquor).

You'll each get a one-tank dive.

Included are coach fare from Los Angeles to Nadi and the flight from Nadi to Savu Savu plus the transfers from airport to hotel and surcharge fees.

Also the endearing friendliness and hospitality of the people of Fiji.

Catch? Travel dates are Nov. 1-Dec. 14.

Call 888-671-3982.

Tell them Wells World sent you.

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