Monday, July 18, 2011

Eat well and cheaply in Pittsburgh

Cities can be expensive but rarely have I encountered a city in the USA where you can eat better and cheaper downtown than in Pittsburgh, PA.

Head to "the Strip," a rectangle of international deliciousness along Smallman Street, Mulberry Way and Penn Avenue, between 16th and 23rd Streets,and bring cash. Few of the diners delis and grocery/cafes take plastic.

You won't need much; $10 will slake your thirst and fill your stomach.

Delis, bakeries, farmers' markets and street-side carts provide farm to fork take-away fare. If you want a sit-down meal try these.

Primanti Bros. The all-in-one, two-fisted meal was born here: meat of choice, cheese, tomatoes, coleslaw and french fries are piled between two slabs of Italian bread. It was a miners' and steelworkers' favorite back in the day; "strip" came from a former strip mine along here.

S&D Polish Deli. Snag a table in the back and settle in for delicate pierogis and filling stews and dumplings.

Pamela's P&G Diner. You might not catch the Obamas noshing on the crepe-like pancakes here, although they do whenever in the area, but you will join a host of locals for breakfast or lunch.

De Luca's. Feed the whole family on one of their 11 (!) egg omelets.

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