Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fish Are Biting Specials

           November is a prime month to fish the Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Trail.
            Sections of the trail are stocked with 12,700 trout early in the month, creating an infusion of hungry trout at a time when typical fly fishing activity tails off.
            Throw in the fact that much of the trail is located at – or just above – 2,000 feet in elevation, and weather conditions are generally favorable for fishing all month long.
           Local innkeepers are offering “November Deals” on trail lodging. These specials are $69.99 and $74.99 per night for an array of hotel rooms, cabins and cottages in close proximity to the trail’s 15 fishing spots.
            To take advantage of these specials, go to: http://www.flyfishingtrail.com/ and click on “November Deals,” or call (800) 962-1911 and ask for Fly Fishing Trail November Deals.

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